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VdGM preconference committee

Elvira Ensink

As the current Dutch Representative for the Vasco da Gama Movement it is an awesome challenge to organize the VdGM Preconference 2021 with this amazing group. The Covid pandemic turned all our plans and dreams upside down. Nevertheless, I am convinced that we will have a fantastic conference for you. With interesting presentations, taboo breaking topics and the warm Vascodagama feeling. I have been fortunate to visit multiple beautiful live WONCA’s and Preconference, but also enjoyed the first digital congress from Germany, Berlin. I am most impressed by the inexhaustible positive energy that all vascodagamians have and share with colleagues.  
Currently I am on maternity leave as I soon become mom of a second son. I love my family life even more then being a family doctor. But I also really like to work as a GP in the city of Nijmegen. I work in a group practice in a health care center, a challenging job. Because of work pressure, assertive patients and responsibility. Would love to share some of these challenges with you all!

Fieke Vrielink

My name is Fieke Vrielink. Since December 2018 I work as a locum GP in several GP practices in the Utrecht region, geographically located in the center of the Netherlands. As GP trainee I have been a member of the Task Force European Affairs of the Dutch National Association of GP trainees. In this role I tried to introduce Dutch GP trainees to family medicine across our national border. For example by attending WONCA Europe with a Dutch delegation of GP trainees yearly. Also I organized the Dutch national LOVAH Conference once, a conference which some of you will know and some of you will have attended. 
After all my positive WONCA Europe preconference experiences of the past years I was really excited when I heard WONCA Europe would come to Amsterdam in 2021. I am very happy to contribute by organizing the 2021 preconference myself. In our preconference committee I am the secretary and together with my fellow committee members I hope we can offer lots of learning opportunities for you. I believe cross-border cooperation amongst GP’s broadens your perspective and contributes to your personal and professional growth! I’m looking forward to a fruitful meeting where we can share our experiences.
I hope to see you all in Amsterdam in July 2021! 

Rogier Steins

In april 2019 I finished my GP-training. After my training I worked as a GP in Aruba for a few months. Currently, I work as a GP in Utrecht in the centre of the Netherlands. During my training I have always been interested in working in a team to organise different events. This way I got to meet a lot of interesting and ambitious people and got a broader perception of what it is like to be a general practitioner. Amongst others I have been a part of the GP-training application committee and the LOVAH Utrecht (Dutch National association of GP trainees). My exchange in Finland and the different WONCA conferences all over Europe got me curious about the differences and similarities in health care in different European countries. I am looking forward to an inspiring conference and I am hoping to meet you all soon in our beautiful capital Amsterdam!

Rianne van Vliet

My name is Rianne van Vliet. I live in the beautiful coastal city The Hague. Since the VdGM Forum of Strassbourg I am infected with the VdGM virus.
Working as a GP in The Hague,  I focus on groups with special needs: elderly care, lower social economic classes, people with a disability, people in justice and I work often in out of hours settings. Also I am specially educated in teaching and perconceptional and obstretric care. As national exchange coordinator of the Netherlands (2016-2017) I organised one of the famous LOVAH-Exchanges. Since 2017 I am happy to help you organising a FM360 Exchange (VdGM FM360 REC).
Now I am really looking forward to see you during our Preconference, different then other years of course but still exciting! I will specially focus on the Preconference Exchange and the Scientific Program. Hope to see you all!

Nadia Toumi

In 2018 I finished my GP training. I work in and around Utrecht and have a colourful pallet of patients: from prisoners, street sex workers and psychiatric patients to patients from the countryside, highly educated patients and migrant patients. I very much enjoy taking care of such a diverse population. No two days are the same!
In the year 2017 during the Forum in Strasbourg I got infected by the VdGM virus. From that day on, many visits to Forums, exchanges, Preconferences and WONCA’s followed. Being part of this international family inspires me, warms me and broadens my horizon. Currently I am the treasurer of the VdGM. I am honoured to be part of the organising committee of the WONCA Amsterdam Preconference. I am involved in the scientific program and the Preconference exchange. Despite the circumstances, I think together we will succeed in creating an unforgettable and meaningful Preconference. I am very much looking forward to seeing you all in July!

Ellen Lohmann

During my training I came into contact with the VdGM and the WONCA conferences. Now 4 years after my graduation I am still just as enthusiastic. Meeting other GP’s, both nationally and internationally, gives a broader view of our profession. Sharing experience and knowledge are of crucial importance. With the committee we have developed a close group through joint participation in different conferences and shared interests. This makes us a strong team. I look forward to a good cooperation and I hope to be able to organize an interesting conference where learning goals, international contacts and cooperation are very important.

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